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  • The user of this ILIAS-System will be registered with their full name and the corresponding email address. These information are accessible for all user.
  • Every other information about your person are optional and also visible for all registered user.
  • Every user is responsible that he or she is using the communication system of ILIAS in an appropriate way and do not impinge on the applicable regulations. Especially every user committed on:
    • Not using ILIAS for creating or publishing immoral content.
    • Regarding the applicable of youth protection laws.
    • Respecting the privacy of other user and do not upload any harassing or threatening content.
    • Not using any applications that change the physical or logistical order of the using network.
  • Using ILIAS for any kind of promo or marketing messages is prohibited and obliged the user to pay ILIAS compensation.
  • The User is obliged to keep his or her login-data save and do not pass them on to a third party. ILISAS points out that it is not allowed to pass on login-data. The user is liable for every unauthorized usage of his or her account as long as it is his or her culpability.
  • In any kind of violation against the above listed obligations the user account will be immediately blocked.
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